on a dedicated area of more than 700 m²

Assemblage de sous-ensembles électroniques

Our desire to guide our customers through the process of manufacturing their products has inspired us to dedicate specific spaces and skills to the integration of circuit boards and manufacturing subassemblies.


The various elements that make up the product to be delivered will be manufactured by our network of industrial subcontracting partners: plastics, micromechanics, metalwork, wiring, batteries, etc.


Assemblage de sous-ensembles électroniques

Our workshops will be responsible for :

  • Assembly and functional tests
  • Product customisation
  • Battery charging with DL management
  • Cabling and mechanical integration
  • Integration of peripheral equipment
  • Capacity upgrades by systematic recharging
  • Labelling of recharge dates and warranty period
  • Point of sale logistics
  • After-sales service
  • Product repackaging, etc.

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