Manufacture of circuit boards for automotive applications

MEREM Electronique offers electronic solutions for the automotive market.


Fabrication de cartes électroniques pour l'automobileMEREM Electronique is a major player in the industry of supplying electronic solutions in small and medium series for the automotive sector. Specialising in the production of circuit boards, our company industrialises, produces, and integrates electronic assemblies used in the automotive industry.


It is currently in the process of obtaining the ISO IATF 16 949 certificate, a sign of its pledge to quality and to respond to the requirements of the automotive market. MEREM Electronique is already recognised by the leading automotive brands.

Electronics solutions for multiple applications

Our industrial power and competitiveness have earned us the trust of prestigious automotive manufacturers. We provide them with our expertise in electronics subcontracting to conduct a variety of projects:

  • Embedded calculators and displays
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Opening / closing systems
  • Radar recoil sensors
  • LED taillights
  • Sound-signalling devices
  • Lighting
  • Etc.

MEREM Electronique, a partner to automotive groups

Fabrication de cartes électroniques pour l'automobileElectronics are becoming more and more involved in the construction of automobiles. The automotive sector is perpetually evolving toward replacing mechanical components with electronics. Today's cars are moving toward being more communicative and intelligent to maximise safety and comfort for motorists.


The field of electronics has thus become inseparable from the evolution of modern vehicles, resulting in: improved on-board safety, compliance with anti-pollution standards, increased comfort, embedded technologies, and driver assistance services, to name a few.


With its manufacturability studies, optimised testing solutions, and a production method for circuit boards that is adaptable to both prototypes and larger series, MEREM Electronics is entirely focused on customer satisfaction in terms of Quality-Cost-Speed.


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