Manufacture and Tropicalisation of SMT circuit boards

Fabrication et tropicalisation de cartes électroniques CMS

MEREM Electronique, specialising in electronics subcontracting in France for more than 30 years, has mastered two techniques for tropicalisation: varnishing and resin encapsulation.


Equipped with high-performance SMT and manual insertion equipment, the MEREM Electronique teams are on the lookout for the optimal solution that will adapt to the environmental constraints of your product.

This is why we specialise in tropicalisation procedures, to ensure the durability of your circuit boards.

Circuit board tropicalisation solutions

Regardless of the tropicalisation technique, our mission is to list the environmental constraints applicable to the circuit boards so that we can offer the highest quality protection solutions to our customers.


In fact, tropicalisation protects printed circuit boards from harsh environments such as humidity, shock and vibration, dust, corrosive environments, transportation, maintenance, storage, chemical products, and high temperatures.


We offer several solutions for the tropicalisation and protection of electronic assemblies:

  • Automatic varnishing
  • Manual varnishing
  • Coating
  • Low-pressure overmoulding (waterproofing)

Specificities and application methods for varnishes and resins

Tropicalisation varnishes, which are generally acrylic, are specially developed to give printed circuits optimal protection and electrical insulation. When clean, they are in compliance with environmental standards.


Fabrication et tropicalisation de cartes électroniques CMSEach type of varnish can be applied as needed with one of the following methods: selective varnishing, atomisation, or manual deposition. Our varnishes, which are deposited in thin layers, perfectly conform to the components of each circuit board. Apparatuses for measuring the thickness and adhesion of the varnish (cross cut).


We round out our technical knowledgeability with high-performance test machines to ensure flawless quality. If you want to know more about our tropicalisation techniques for circuit boards, please contact our departments.

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