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Information system and connectivity

All our sites are connected to a dedicated Merem professional fiber allowing a fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

We chose to couple this broadband connection to the cloud with the Orange Flexible Engine solution. Intended for groups and ETIs, Merem is the first SME equipped with this architecture.

In parallel, Merem has been implementing for a year a new full web ERP integrating an MES and a PLM. The MES function is operational in production since January 2023.


Merem has decided to invest as a pioneer in 5G for industrial use. We have collaborated with the Herbert 5G Commission in 2022 and have integrated 3 of the 7 actions defined as priority.

Merem is the first industrial SME in the world installed with private 5G antennas by Orange. Over the next 3 years, we will deploy 12 uses related to our Factory 4.0, IOT and immersive technologies.

Merem is committed to making the results of its work on 5G available to the electronics industry and more broadly to the industry in France.

Immersive technologies

The maturity of the hardware (AR glasses and headsets, VR…), virtual worlds and holography, coupled with the functionalities of the 5G allow us to add a deep tech dimension to our innovative transformation project.

Merem is a forerunner in the advanced industrial use of these technologies. Over the next 24 months, new immersive features will be deployed around :

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